This kid is so cool!

I'm quite sure he's faking the violin, but he actually can play. He was born in the Soviet Union and moved to Norway at a young age, his mother is a pianist and his father a violinist. Needless to say, I kind of love him! XD


So it's not definite yet, but me and my bff are totally plotting how to play a game of Land-Quidditch! We're gonna paint a soccer ball red for the Quaffle, rubber band balls for bludgers (we'll be wearing helmets because KT SAYS SO), and a large marble for the snitch (everyone will close their eyes and someone will toss it out; the Seekers have to wait a certain amount of time before going looking for it). Oh and we're trying to find HUGE butterfly nets for the goals, so if anyone knows where I might find some let me know! Or if you have two humongous butterfly nets sitting around your house, EXPRESS MAIL THEM TO ME, PEEPS!!!!!!

This is gonna be SO GREAT.

Started a community!

Yeah, I got bored and was inspired by the dgficexchange  community for their unique way of almost "Secret Santa"-ing fan fiction to all its members, and then having competitions for the best. So I decided I was jealous and wanted one with not just draco/ginny fanfic, but any matter of pairing in the Harry Potter universe! So, if anyone is interested in giving me a hand with the new community or partake in it, toddle on over to the taficexchange 

It stands for Totally Awesome fic exchange. Though it's not me being vain! It's from the Very Potter Musical! Y'know..."I'll see my friends, gonna laugh til we cry/ gonna take my Firebolt and take to the sky/ no way this year anyone's gonna die/ and that's cool/ and that's TOTALLY AWESOME!"

So I stole it. XD


it's 2:30

Every night I go to sleep hugging a pillow to my chest.

Maybe I'm hoping it'll turn into a person, and I'll feel less alone in this big wide world.


So I just got home from a Howie Day concert!! It was phenominal! Plus, I discovered that I cannot go to a concert without falling in love with the opener, whether it be their music or THEM. This time, fortunately, it was BOTH!! His name is Nick Zuber, his music was sweet and honest, sounded good, and he is a NICE GUY!! I got to meet him after the show, and I bought his last EP! So he signed it while I was digging for quarters (I didn't want to use my 20 on a 5 dollar CD), and I didn't notice, so I pulled out the little paper slip from the CD envelope and asked him to sign that. It was then that I saw the signed CD and I really quickly said "Oh, nevermind, the CD's signed!" But he got all serious and junk, grabbed the paper, and was like "Oh no, you get BOTH! You totally get both!" And so I got his autograph TWICE, and on the piece of paper in the CD envelope, he even added a little HEART!! He personalized it just for meeeeee!

As you can see, he has a new fangirl. XD

But seriously, all fangirly delights aside, he really was a nice guy. Plus, he's only 9 years older than me! That's great, considering most musicians I go see are at least 10 years older and with girlfriends, lol. I'm totally gonna look him up on Facebook later, cuz he said I could. ^^

Howie was also awesome. Boy knows how to use a loop-pedal!  He was very intense for a lot of the show, but then he broke the intensity by pointing out that he was wearing a Maine pin "Cuz I'm from's kinda like Minnesota" (Where he was at the mo') "but small..." And then halfway through the show he ended a song really goofily, but hitting the top string of his guitar a few times and bobbing his head LOOKING DIRECTLY AT MY FREIND who coincidentally has been in love with him for 1/4 of her 16-year-old life, and we're pretty sure he did it on purpose, because she commented on his blog beforehand that she would be in front wearing a piano-scarf, which she was. So that made her happy. Plus she bought him a little stuffed moose from a Minnesota shop in the mall, and wrote him a note, which turned out to be really good, because he didn't have a Meet-N-Greet afterward. Jessica (my friend) cried a little when she heard, but then she gave the moose and note to the stage guy, and he made sure to take it back right away.

Anyway, I'm SUPAH SLEEPY (but really don't feel like sleeping, though I should stop babbling before my true delirium shows through this XD), so I suppose this is as good a time to close! Goodnight my lovely friends! (or, should I say, good morning! ^.^ )
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So the Oscars were on...

I watched almost the entirety of the Oscars because my dear friend xfurryx told me that they were supposed to air a clip from Half Blood Prince. It was during the ending credits, and was about eight seconds long. I actually missed them the first time because I was helping my sister find something to wear to play the art show tomorrow, so I had to run out to the living room and rewind the tv so I could watch it.

It was worth it.

Oh wow.

I finished The Time Traveler's Wife last night. It was sad and beautiful and perfect. I had actually noticed that I was getting near the end when I was reading in Biology, knew that I was bound to cry at the end of a book like this, and therefore had to wait until I was in bed to finish. I cried like a baby. And, I've already got fanfiction ideas swimming in my brain... *devilish grin*

Took two days....

But I finally managed to get all 88 pictures from the Fray Concert onto an album in Photobucket!! FRAY CONCERT/

There's a lot of repetition, and some of Jessica's body parts (she's not good with cameras and fingers on lenses XD), but I'll have more from my sister's camera eventually (which is what I was using, oddly.) My sister had what her journalism group has named "The Precious" since it's their only Pro camera, so hopefully we'll get some really good ones from that too!